Integrated Management System Policy

NatureNurture's aim is to achieve and sustain exemplary standards both in formal education and personality building by providing quality education through the right blend of facility, faculty and training curriculum for all-round development of a child.

We are committed to build and maintain a culture for continual improvement in such areas and monitor the success.

NatureNurture will develop people with all the attributes necessary to provide leadership in their profession, with required flexibility and capability for the present and future in a rapidly changing environment.


At NatureNurture We Shall Implement IMS Requirements By:

  1. Adopting measures for the prevention of pollution by control of Air Emissions & Waste Generation.

  2. Effective utilization of Natural Resources.

  3. Improving Health and Safety performance within the organization.

  4. Complying with applicable Environmental, Health, and Safety Legislation & Regulations.

  5. Involving all employees in Improvement and innovation.

  6. Generating awareness amongst all concerned for their roles and responsibilities in ensuring effective quality, environment, and health & safety management system.


EOMS Policy

  1. Adhering to NatureNurture’s Vision & Mission.

  2. Complying with all applicable requirements.

  3. Imbibing a culture of continual improvement & social responsibility involving all.

  4. Taking into account all relevant educational, scientific & technological developments.

  5. Taking care of all relevant interested parties needs & expectations.

  6. Managing all intellectual properties.